September 13, 2004

I'm thinking fabulous shag carpet and a disco ball

I stopped at Kinko’s Saturday to print out directions to Carole and Clay Robarchek’s annual fall picnic, as my laptop is on the fritz and I somehow haven’t gotten it together to send it in to be repaired yet. I scored fifteen minutes of free computer time, probably because I had to wait around while the sole employee on duty finished laminating a poster for a couple in their sixties and a moderately creepy guy hit on me in line. At some point Creepy Guy realized he wasn’t getting anywhere and struck up a conversation with the couple. This was a happy occurrence because, not only was I freed from the chore of being polite and discouraging at once, I could eavesdrop as the they chatted about their plans for the poster post-lamination. This was how they decorated their garage, they said, mostly with prints of unusual botanic specimens.

I found this curious. Is garage decoration the next big rage in interiors? Should I the idea to the House & Garden section of the local paper? Or, better yet, Met Home? I could consult Thom Filicia of Queer Eye and Frank from Trading Spaces--something tells me Frank could get really into garage decoration. Forget tasteful floral posters—I’m thinking this phenomenon could liberate homeowners, allow them to indulge their every faddish whim and bold urge without the consequences that might result from, say, going with a lime and tomato color scheme in the kitchen or banishing couches in favor of wood benches in the den. But maybe once people really let go of their decorating inhibitions their newly-found personal style will seep into the rest of the house and dining room sets will be chucked and middle-class master bedrooms with attached bathrooms and sunken tubs will never be boring again.


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